A Passing Storm
Words and music by Tom May, copyright September 2016
©Blue Vignette Music, ASCAP

1. Midwestern summer heat, humidity was high
a young man, just 17
yearning to touch the sky
she responded to his singing, to his passionate guitar
her tender kiss and sweet embrace, began his journeys far

cause as he played, the lightning flashed
the bar suddenly turned warm
was it fate or twisted fortune
or just a passing storm

2. Canadian snow and ice, where opportunity did abound
to learn his craft on humble stages
in great cities and small towns
drinking deeply of the magic
of being young and so alive
so enamored of the music
singing folksongs to survive

repeat chorus

3. From Boston to St. Louis
Seattle to St. Paul
goin' anywhere folks would listen
until he thought he'd heard it all
from Nebraska to the Yukon
to Colorado's mountains grand
driven by ballads, wine, and women
across this verdant land

repeat chorus

4. Haven't seen him a few years
or heard those lonesome songs
some say he's down in Reno
or he's been in Portland all along
he had some trouble down in San Antone
got into a fight in a cowboy bar
I remember his songs when I'm traveling
when this highway turns dark

5. here's to you tramps and rounders
still singin' from near and far
it's tougher now than it used to be
to make a living with a Martin guitar
in a land where few folks listen
to a tender word or a sing a long
look out for the man who insists upon
the gentle power of his song

Repeat chorus