Dear Companions
Words and music by Tom May, copyright October 2016
©Blue Vignette Music, ASCAP


Dear Companions, on this lonesome life's highway
you pointed me to the byways so deserted and unknown
when the going got rough, you listened to me patiently
poured another shot of whisky, then showed me the road back home

verse 1

The rogues and the scoundrels, warned me about the pitfalls
steered me away from the guardrails not as strong as they appeared
and though sometimes I fell prey
to appetite and desire
most of the tragedies I endured were not as bad as I had feared

repeat chorus

verse 2

now the travelers and pickers
who have shared my weary road
helped me to bear the load, when the songs did not work out
a fraternity of outlaws, living somewhere on the edge
making music that makes a difference
of that we had no doubt

repeat chorus

verse 3

seductive smiles and cotton dresses
thigh high boots and raven tresses
their common sense deserted them I guess, those nights they spent with me
but of all those wives and lovers, I remain ever grateful
all the best evenings I ever had
were in their loving company

repeat chorus

verse 4

Close friends are never forgotten
who have shared my winter wine
together we have bided time, and I am thankful for my son
his own journey underway, sometimes I miss those younger days
I have regrets but mostly pride
in the man I have become

repeat chorus