Solstice Moon
(song for Debbie)
Words and music by Tom May, copyright June 2016
©Blue Vignette Music, ASCAP

The First time I met you, you brought me some wine
Cabernet and Merlot, a blend
Little did I know as we drank round the fire
you were my partner, wife and best friend


Now I remember on this cold frosty night
How the fushias were brightly in bloom
As we walked hand in hand down an old Irish path
By the light of a big solstice moon

you are tender but tough, when I’m in my cups
And we laugh about the years I roamed free
When I’m foolish and vain, I’m reminded again
I’m a luckier man, than I used to be

Repeat Chorus

There’s a tall holly hedge in a faraway land
I go there sometimes in my dreams
where some old standing stones keep the secrets of time
amidst an ancient field , forever green
in a burgundy cloak, held with a bright silver brooch
You hold me so close to your arms
and all of my troubles, and all of my fears
dissappear in the warmth of your charms