The Lovin' of the Game
Words and Music by Pat Garvey and Victoria Garvey

In 2007 a book that I wrote (along with my co-author, Dick Weissman) came out with Routledge Publishing called Promoting Your Music; The Lovin of the Game. Pat Garvey kindly gave me to use his lyrics in the book, and I always thought this great song neatly sums up the best reason for doing this crazy business for a living.

I watched the feather river glide
Over shinin' golden sand
Struck the silver ribbon wide
Held a million in my hand
But besides the lookin' for
The finding's always tame
And there's nothin' drives a gambler
Like the lovin' of the game

All my life I've searched around
Travelin' hard from town to town
But I never really found
Anything to tie me down
Still I would not trade my time
For a solid diamond claim
No, I would not trade a fortune
For the lovin' of the game

So long Darlin' don't you cry
I hope that things turn out for you
All these good times goin' by
Got to get ourselves a few
Where I'm going has no end
What I'm seeking has no name
Oh the treasure's not for takin
It's the lovin' of the game
The lovin' of the game

©Pat Garvey DBA Ashcroft Music