Wherever I Go
(for Don Younger)
Words and music by Tom May, copyright 2016
©Blue Vignette Music, ASCAP

Wherever I go, Whatever I do,
I will always regret not being the man you thought you knew

Wherever you are, if I am away
*Look towards the moon, I will always be waiting there for you
** Look towards the west (2)
*** Listen to the wind, I will always be singing there for you (3)

1. When the wood stove is warming
as the winter light is quickly fading
I'll be there to stoke the fire
as the embers glow

chorus **

2. When the rains are falling
and good red wine is sweetly flowing
remember me and our summer journeys
down those twisting mountain roads

chorus ***

Now the leaves are falling
hear the morning doves, softly calling
in the cedars they'll be safely nesting
as we walk hand in hand below

chorus *