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Episode Archive

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    Date: January 7
    Show Number: 23-1

    Artist: Adam and Chris (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: Two Portland Oregon legends here, who have performed at the Kerrville Folk Festival, the Alberta Rose Theater, and numerous other venues around the U.S.

    Date: January 14
    Show Number: 23-2

    Artist: Angelo M (2)
    About: A steelworker who was forcefully retired to save pension money for a major corporation, Angelo M sings of the men and women who work difficult and dangerous jobs for an uncertain payback.

    Date: January 21
    Show Number: 23-3

    Artist: James Hurley
    About: Powerful, evocative songs by this ever-traveling, dedicated singer songwriter.

    Date: January 28
    Show Number: 23-4

    Artist: Gary Furlow (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: This talented songwriter and hard working sound engineer makes his mark in front of this enthusiastic live audience at Artichoke Music in Portland.


    Date: February 4
    Show Number: 23-5

    Artist: Best of Winterfolk 03 (3)
    About: On this date when "Winterfolk 34" is occuring at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland Oregon, a look back at "Winterfolk 15", with Tracy Grammer, Utah Phillips, Tom May and others.

    Date: February 11
    Show Number: 23-6

    Artist: Joel Mabus
    About: One of the best known folk artists from the Great Lake state of Michigan, Joel Mabus is gem of a songwriter and picker- with a sly sense of humor.

    Date: February 18
    Show Number: 23-7

    Artist: Josephine County
    About: Combine country, celtic, and a hint of east coast maritime music- and this is the delightful combination that comes together! Just terrific songs, harmonies, and instrumentation.

    Date: February 25
    Show Number: 23-8

    Artist: Fox and Bones (Live at Artichoke Music) NEW
    About: Scott Gilmore and Sarah Vitort have played hundreds of shows in many countries, and their brand of Americana music is catchy and memorable.


    Date: March 4
    Show Number: 23-9

    Artist: Tillers Folly (Live from Sandy Oregon)
    About: A joyful return to Oregon after two years of having the international border closed- by this exciting Canadian trio of Bruce Coughlin, Laurence Knight, and Nolan Murray.

    Date: March 11
    Show Number: 23-10

    Artist: John and Maggie Carty
    About: Irish music for St. Patrick's week! John Carty and his daughter Maggie are fine musicians from County Roscommon, Ireland. John was the musical director for the landmark celtic film "Brooklyn". He has played his fiddle with many Irish legends including Matt Malloy, Paddy Maloney, and so many others. His daughter Maggie has a crystalline voice, and also is an accomplished fiddler.

    Date: March 18
    Show Number: 23-11

    Artist: Kate Power and Steve Einhorn (2)
    About: SOur two beloved songwriter's/ singers from dear old Puddletown (Portland, Oregon) Kate and Steve enchant with their musical storytelling and unique vocal blend.

    Date: March 25
    Show Number: 23-12

    Artist: Linda Allen
    About: An Archived program from a woman who helped define the folk sound of the Pacific Northwest. We lost Linda a few years back, but the truth, clarity and vision of her music lives on in this program.


    Date: April 1
    Show Number: 23-13

    Artist: John Bunzow (Live at Artichoke Music) NEW
    About: John Bunzow had a very successful run as a songwriter on Nashville's music row, before returning to Portland to raise his son in a more stable environment. His songs are clear-eyed, succinct stories- framed by his love of the blues and ornamented by his considerable guitar skills.

    Date: April 8
    Show Number: 23-14

    Artist: John Koonce
    About: John Koonce released a stirring memoir in 2020-of his life as a hard working musician and songwriter, taking the work where it could be found. His songs have no fat on them - they are sharp and incisive.

    Date: April 15
    Show Number: 23-15

    Artist: John Cowan Band
    About: From the "River City Folk" archives, a reprise of one of the most memorable programs we have ever recorded. John Cowan currently fills out the roster of the Doobie Brothers, recruited because of his amazing vocal range and ability. But from the Bluegrass Revival to a dozen other well known ensembles, John has electrified audiences for decades. This incarnation of his band was amazing .

    Date: April 22
    Show Number: 23-16

    Artist: Jaspar Lepak (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: One of the finest, most hard working singer songwriters on the scene today, Jaspar Lepak does it all-plays a fine fingerstyle guitar, writes memorable songs, travels extensively and does concerts nationwide, and is a young mother. She ALSO sounds just marvelous, with a sparkling wit and winning presentation.

    Date: April 29
    Show Number: 23-17

    Artist: Jamie Stillway
    About: Jamie Stillway is in demand across the US as a clinician at guitar camps and has composed an extensive repetoire of her own. She has a light elegant touch on her thoughtfully composed instrumentals.


    Date: May 6
    Show Number: 23-18

    Artist: Jim Page with Billy Oskay (Live at Artichoke Music) NEW
    About: Perhaps the most relevant, hard hitting songwriter in the U.S. today. From early days when his efforts eventually legalized street-singing in Seattle- Jim Page has had an admirable, impactful career. In the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Utah Phillips, his songs have made a tangible difference to the world we live in.

    Date: May 13
    Show Number: 23-19

    Artist: Moe Dixon (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: Moe calls Hood River Oregon home, though he has performed all across the US at festivals and folk clubs - with his own songs and working in other's bands. He is a consummate storyteller and performer.

    Date: May 20
    Show Number: 23-20

    Artist: Richard Moore (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: What a musical journey Richard Moore has been on! From his early days working hard performing at Vegas casinos, to an extended period playing in Czechoslovakia, to forming a very successful commercial studio in Portland Oregon - Richard's song path has been an unusual, but fruitful trip. His songs are reflective of the many aspects of his life.

    Date: May 27
    Show Number: 23-21

    Artist: Woodlander
    About: This Oregon trio has remarkable harmony skills, which they use to leaven their original songs about geography and relationships. Together continuously for more than 50 years, their commitment to their music shines through in this fine performance.


    Date: June 3
    Show Number: 23-22

    Artist: The Whiskey Minstrels (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: Bruce Coughlin and Nolan Murray are two thirds of the powerful Northwest Canadian group Tiller's Folly. They incorporate some of Bruce's lesser known celtic compositions here as well as Nolan's fabulous work on the fiddle and mandolin - in front of an enthusiastic crowd in Portland, Oregon.

    Date: June 10
    Show Number: 23-23

    Artist: Dick Weissman (1)
    About: Dick was one third of the groundbreaking group "The Journeymen" in the 60's, along with "Papa John" Phillips (of the Mamas and Papas) and Scott McKenzie. He would go on to produce albums for a variety of artists from that era, and constantly work as an in demand studio musician. His approach to the banjo is tuneful and unique.

    Date: June 17
    Show Number: 23-24

    Artist: Dylan May and the Message (Live at Artichoke Music) NEW
    About: Something a little different this week, melding acoustic themes and background with funk and social commentary. Think Phil Ochs with a side of Bootsy Collins!

    Date: June 24
    Show Number: 23-25

    Artist: Haley Johnson (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: One of the uber-talented expressive young singers performing steadily across the US these days- Haley Johnson brings her powerful voice and emotional, lovely songs to the Artichoke Music stage.


    Date: July 1
    Show Number: 23-26

    Artist: 30 years of "River City Folk" #3
    About: As we celebrate our 38th anniversary of broadcasting and promoting this "music that makes a difference", we look back to one of our favorite anniversary compilations - from a few years back.

    Date: July 8
    Show Number: 23-27

    Artist: Sig Paulson (2)
    About: A lifetime of performing has sharpened Sig's songs, guitar accompaniment, and stage presentation to a fine edge. His songs are portraits of folks and settings in his native Oregon.

    Date: July 15
    Show Number: 23-28

    Artist: Heart and Hammer (Live at Artichoke Music) NEW
    About: Barry Crannell and Julianna Waters incorporate celtic roots and influences into their beautifully voiced and written songs. Close harmonies and vivid poetry are hallmarks of their sound.

    Date: July 22
    Show Number: 23-29

    Artist: Rachel Harrington
    About: From Seattle, Rachel Harrington writes and sings music that crosses the boundaries between country, folk, and Americana.

    Date: July 29
    Show Number: 23-30

    Artist: Piper Leigh and Mark Bowling (2)
    About: From a small town on the Arkansas/Kansas border, Piper and Mark bring the authenticity of life in small town America to their songs about work and family.


    Date: August 5
    Show Number: 23-31

    Artist: Hanz Araki and Friends (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: The great celtic flutist ( and singer) of the Pacific Northwest is joined here by Kathryn Claire and other great players, in a set of traditional and songs from Artichoke Music in Portland!

    Date: August 12
    Show Number: 23-32

    Artist: Lauren Sheehan (2)
    About: Her concerts are influenced by the blues and the history of the women who have largely been written out of the books about the genre. An excellent and expressive singer and storyteller.

    Date: August 19
    Show Number: 23-33

    Artist: Dennis Warner (3)
    About: From performing in South Africa this past year, to writing a performing from his St. Cloud Minnesota base for more than 40 years - Dennis's songs are inspiring, literate, and sometimes just plain fun! One of our favorites!

    Date: August 26
    Show Number: 23-34

    Artist: Artichoke Music 50 Year Celebration, Part 1 NEW
    About: Part one of our "River City Folk" sessions to celebrate this milestone of this acoustic music landmark in Portland, Oregon. This episode features the Celtic Harp of Tracy Rose Brown and the blues guitar of Adam Scramstad.


    Date: September 2
    Show Number: 23-35

    Artist: Bryan Bowers (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: The acknowledged master of the autoharp, Bryan has a traditional voice that commands attention for his powerfully delivered songs of his own and others. His storytelling is also an integral part of his shows, and will leave you spellbound.

    Date: September 9
    Show Number: 23-36

    Artist: Kellie Brightwell
    About: From Portland Oregon, Kellie’s music is like a breath of fresh air on a Mt. Hood morning. Her mellifluous voice and descriptive writing style are memorable and evocative.

    Date: September 16
    Show Number: 23-37

    Artist: Artichoke Music 50 Year Celebration, Part 2 New
    About: with Avery Hill and Darryl Purpose
    This very special series of programs was taped in June, to celebrate more than 50 years of community music-making at Portland's Artichoke Music! Both Avery Hill and Darryl Purpose are mainstays of the folk community in Oregon, as well as nationally known touring singer songwriters.

    Date: September 38
    Show Number: 23-34

    Artist: Steve Cheseborough (Live at Artichoke Music 2021)
    About: Steve is a blues master, steeped in the history and lore of this distinctly American music. His guitar work is precise and evocative, and his passion for the form comes through in his spirited performance.

    Date: September 30
    Show Number: 23-39

    Artist: Mark and Cindy Lemaire
    About: Close accurate harmonies and virtuosic guitar hallmark this California duo's eloquent, moving, and powerful original compositions.


    Date: October 7
    Show Number: 23-40

    Artist: Hank Cramer
    About: Recorded "on location" at Mountain Sound in Winthrop, Washington- Hank imparts his big musical presence and exuberance, in both original and well known folk classics. One of the best loved west coast folk artists still performing extensively today.

    Date: October 14
    Show Number: 23-41

    Artist: Gina DeNobl
    About: One of the talented, hard working young female songwriters pumping new life into the genre- Gina's memorable songs are artfully conveyed by her unforgettable contralto voice-recorded LIVE at Artichoke in Portland Oregon by Michael Henchman.

    Date: October 21
    Show Number: 23-42

    Artist: Bill Staines
    About: A reprise of one of the last house concerts/radio programs performed by this important, influential songwriter and all around good guy- from La Center, WA. You'll hear Bill play his songs such as "The Roseville Fair", "Bridges", and even a new song he never was able to record in the studio.

    Date: October 28
    Show Number: 23-43

    Artist: Harry Manx
    About: From the RCF archives, captured live onstage at Artichoke, this blues based performer uses the Indian "mohan veena" instrument, banjo, and other unique touches to give his songs a distinctly eastern- and compelling- feel.


    Date: November 4
    Show Number: 23-44

    Artist: Ann Hills and Michael Smith
    About: An archived program featuring two of the most esteemed singer/songwriters in acoustic music. We lost Michael ( author of the much loved, much covered song "The Dutchman", a few years back- but his spirit and voice live on in this duo presentation.

    Date: November 11
    Show Number: 23-45

    Artist: Curtis and Loretta (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: Curtis and Loretta have had a career of writing and performing their own songs ( and folk songs from the past) for more than 40 years now. From their Minneapolis home, they have taken their motto of "when there is good to be done" to concert halls, retirement homes, and major folk festivals. You will feel better after you give them a listen!

    Date: November 18
    Show Number: 23-46

    Artist: Brooks Hill (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: A program featuring the strong contralto voice and songwriting of Cindy Lou Banks, the filigreed ornamentation of Brad Price on acoustic guitar, and the bass and harmony vocals of Donny Wright.

    Date: November 25
    Show Number: 23-47

    Artist: River City Duets guests with Tom May
    About: Some of the most interesting and tuneful duets from the program, edited and mastered by Clete Baker and Dan Rhiger- including Tom joining Bill Staines, Bill Morrissey, and others.


    Date: December 2
    Show Number: 23-48

    Artist: A Fine Mess (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: Celtic ballads from Dubliner Peter Yeates', accompanied by the Seegar-style banjo of Rich Gillette and the bass work of Mike West. Wonderful renditions of these timeless ballads, along with terrific harmony.

    Date: December 9
    Show Number: 23-49

    Artist: Doug Smith
    About: This Grammy award winner has a recent CD, consisting of his take on classic American folk melodies. He'll reprise them for us live in the studio on RCF in this broadcast. Doug's musicianship and elegant fingerstyle approach are always enjoyable and revelatory-and gives these familiar melodies new life.

    Date: December 16
    Show Number: 23-50

    Artist: The Prairie Blossoms - Karen Kitchen and Mel Kubiak (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: Music and stories from Native America! Karen and Mel were chosen to open the new Indigenous museum in Oklahoma City in 2019, and are compelling singers and storytellers.

    Date: December 23
    Show Number: 23-51

    Artist: Beth Wood (Live at Artichoke Music)
    About: An archived program of another of our favorite singer songwriters, just in time for Christmas! Beth has won legions of devoted fans ( and friends) with her heartfelt songs and dynamic arrangements. She calls Sisters, Oregon home these days - and they love her. So do we!

    Date: December 30
    Show Number: 23-52

    Artist: Best of River City Folk 2023
    About: Some of the best performances from our talented guests in 2023!


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