For over 30 years, River City Folk has aired hundreds and hundreds of shows since 1985. Here are a few full-length podcasts of some of the more memorable shows from the past. We will be adding more as time goes on, so be sure to check back often!

Show Number Air Date Guest Artist Download
RCF02-37a 12.31.2000 The Best of River City Folk 2000 (Part 1)
David Roth, John Smith, and others.
RCF02-37b 12.31.2000 The Best of River City Folk 2000 (Part 2)
David Mallett, Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer, Kate Power/Steve Einhorn, and others.

RCF00-48 12.01.2000 Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
Acclaimed, groundbreaking Pacific Northwest duo.

RCF13-27a 07.08.2013 Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer (Part 1)
Featured on All Things Considered and in USA Today.
RCF13-27b 07.08.2013 Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer (Part 2)

RCF06-41a 10.02.2006 John Cowan Band (Part 1)
From NewGrass Revival. Featuring Stuart Duncan and others.
RCF06-41b 10.02.2006 John Cowan Band (Part 2)

RCF10-21a 01.12.2008 Tiller's Folly (Part 1)
Bruce Coughlin, Laurence Knight and Nolan Murray.
RCF10-21b 01.12.2008 Tiller's Folly (Part 2)

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