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1. Dear Companions
2. A Road Worth Driving Down
3. September 1862
4. Solstice Moon
5. Little Coast Bar
6. The Vineyard
7. Winterfolk (live from Winterfolk 27)
8. Fond Farewell
9. A Passing Storm
10. We'll Not See His Like Again
11. Wherever I Go

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It has been more than 45 years of having the privilege of writing , performing, and promoting this music on truly "A Road Worth Driving Down". There have been notable detours and challenges. But as I look squarely at 65, I am abundantly thankful to have had the opportunity to pick my guitars and sing along the byways and in the towns those two-laners have led to. I hope this album of new compositions reflects that gratitude and appreciation of a marvelous life and travels- thanks to the gentle power of song, those who have believed in me and supported my various projects, and all of my "Dear Companions".


Thanks to my dear wife Debbie Dutton, Chris Kennedy, Richard Colombo, Gordon Lightfoot, Dick Weissman, Dylan May, Claire Levine, Tom Bryson, Avery Grimes, Bill Howe, Eric Michaels, Wayne and Karen Hoffman, Joe and Susan Millea at Moulton Falls Winery , Terry and Neva Prohaska, Peter and Breda Yeates, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn, the listeners at the shows and to my radio program "River City Folk"- and the many dear friends and companions who no longer share this temporal journey. I have had a life of riches rare due to your support and love.


Tom May lead vocals and acoustic 6 string guitar
Donny Wright bass and vocal harmonies
Doug Smith lead guitar
Matt Snook banjo and dobro
Tim Connell mandolin
Billy Oskay fiddle
Scott Docherty piano
Dan Rhiger harmonium (on "Fond Farewell")
Spank Hopkins drums
John Mann/ percussion
Rahmana Weist vocal harmonies


Cover and road photos by Tyler Dutton/ Other photography, Scott Docherty

Produced by Tom May and Dan Rhiger, with assistance from Donny Wright
Recorded and mixed 2017 By Dan Rhiger at Medicine Whistle Studio, Portland, Oregon
Mastered by Clete Baker, Studio B, Omaha, Nebraska

Artwork and design by Scott Docherty, Redhare, Hammond, Oregon

©2017 Blue Vignette, ASCAP

1. Dear Companions
I owe all the folks mentioned in this song a lot-you've helped me become who I am.

2. A Road Worth Driving Down
This song was inspired by an early morning drive south through Wyoming in the summer of 2000. My life has been a confluence of gratitude and luck, as it was when the sun rose that August morn.

3. September, 1862
While Gettysburg is commonly attributed as the turning point of the Civil War, without at least a draw at Antietam, the conflict and country could have turned out very differently. Most historians believe France and England would have recognized the Confederacy with a different result in that battle-and Lincoln needed this victory to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. It feels like we are at a similar crossroads in our Republic today.

4. Solstice Moon
Written for my wife, Debbie. I proposed to her in County Kerry, Ireland one summer's eve. Donny Wright weaves his lower-register magic on bass. He has been the rock of so much of my music, recorded and live, and on this album he is typically brilliant-thanks, old pal.

5. Little Coast Bar
For my good friends at the unassuming Sportsman's Pub n' Grub in beautiful Pacific City, Oregon- where I still perform each Thanksgiving weekend. Matt Snook paints the woodsy feel of the joint on his banjo.

6. The Vineyard
My love for good wine is well documented: We all live amongst what we have planted, cared for, and harvested. Tim Connell tastefully ornaments this heartfelt song on his mandolin.

7. Winterfolk
For 30 years I have directed this benefit concert for the wonderful "Sisters of the Road Cafe" in Portland, Oregon. It has been my privilege, along with the musicians I enlist, to help in their efforts to feed those less fortunate. Being a folksinger, it is not much of a stretch to say "There but for fortune".
This live recording at "Winterfolk 27" is rough and ready, but heartfelt.

8. Fond Farewell
Inspired by the great Annie Proulx's book "Barkskins", this song is self-explanatory. I wish I could have come up with a happier ending. Billy Oskay adds his exquisite fiddle, and Dan Rhiger contributes harmonium to the mix.

9. A Passing Storm
A composite sketch of the contemporary minstrels still thankfully willing to travel ceaselessly and sacrifice to perform for us. I used to be that guy! Though I am old now, I rejoice in the memory of those years. The incomparable Doug Smith joins me on lead guitar, as he does through much of this project.

10. We'll Not See His Like Again
For my dear pal Don Younger, owner of the Horse Brass Pub in Portland, who we lost in 2012. He was an unforgettable character who lived life on his own terms. Scott Docherty adds that barrelhouse bar atmosphere on piano. To the caveman!

11. Wherever I Go
No honest partner hasn't wished sometimes they were more like the person they aspired to be at the start of the relationship. Rahmana Weist sings elegantly with me on the chorus, and Matt Snook and Doug Smith fill out the tapestry of this final tune on dobro and guitar.

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