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1. Step it Out, Mary
2. Clare to Here
3. Fiddler's Green
4. Portland Town
5. The Minstrel Boy
6. Those Were the Days
7. A Walk in the Irish Rain
8. Dublin in the Rare Auld Times
9. Black and Tans
10. Lovers Heart
11. Music for a Found Harmonium
12. Follow Me Up to Carlow
13. Just Another Night at Kells

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Kell's Pub in Portland, Oregon is located at 112 SW 2nd, in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon's burgeoning entertainment district. It is a comfortable pub, with a restaurant adjoining it. Both sides of Kell's serve great food and a warm welcome ... but in the pub, on the weekend, or on any night, really, the Craic (Gaelic language word for good times!) is amazing. Young people do clap and dance across the floor, just like in my song ... as do folks of every age. I've never seen anything quite like Kell's in my 35 plus years of performing all over the U.S., Canada, and overseas.

There is live Irish music 7 nights a week at Kell's, and the largest St. Patrick's Day Festival on the west coast of the U.S. takes place there each year for three, four, or five days surrounding March 17th.

Gerard and Lucille McAleese are wonderful hosts, and maintained a staff that is excellent and friendly. The McAleese family also runs Kell's Restaurant and Pub in Seattle and San Francisco. You can check out their informative, colorful website at

When I'm not on the road doing concerts around the U.S. of my own material, or working on my national radio broadcast, River City Folk; chances are you can hear me performing these songs (with Donny and Peggie on the weekends) at Kell's. This projectdoesn't really give you an exact sense of being part of the scene that happens on "Just Another Night at Kell's ... but it comes close ...

If you'd like to check one of my performances at Kell's Pub when you are in Portland, visit my website at - You will also find out lots of other info there about my national radio broadcast, my other concerts around the U.S., festivals that I organize, direct, and appear at; my book on being a singer songwriter, due out in 2007 and other assorted folk news ...

[UPDATE NOTE: The book, "Promoting Your Music; The Lovin' of the Game" is available online from Amazon in hard cover and Kindle Editions - Click here for information]

Slainte! Tom May

Special thanks to Rick Fletcher and Debbie Dutton for helping to make this project a reality. Also, a tip of the hat to my old friend Mark Moebeck in St. Louis, Missouri, who performed these songs with me for years over the St. Patrick's holiday at Kell's in Portland and First St. Alley and McGurk's in St. Louis.


Tom May - 12 and 6-string Guitars, Lead Vocals
Donny Wright - Acoustic and Electric Bass, Harmony Vocals, Vocal Arrangements
Peggie Moje - Blue Fiddle, Harmony Vocals

Special Guests

Fuzzy Purcell - Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Rahmana Weist - Harmony Vocals (on "Lovers Heart")


Recorded and Mastered by Dan Rhiger - Medicine Whisle Studios, Portland, Oregon -
Mixed by Dan Rhiger, Fuzzy Purcell, and Tom May
Recorded August through November 2005
Photos by Donny Wright and Debbie Dutton

Released: 2005

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