Track List

Side One

1. Open Spaces, Prairie Winds
2. Indian Summer
3. The Heart of the Appaloosa
4. Planxy Irwin/Concertina Man

Side Two

1. Bessie and Me
2. If It's All the Same to You
3. Jonesy
4. For the Children
5. A Good Man / Stand by You

Album Artwork

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I come from the prairies of Nebraska
My Mother was born in a sod house
My Father sent signals across the sea of grass
I try to do the same
Like a Sandstorm Butte,
    these songs belong to now and then,
Tempered by fifteen years of endless highways,
Born on the Open Spaces, Prairie Winds


Tom May - 12 and 6-string Guitars, Lead and Harmony Vocals, High String Guitars and Pennywhistle
Buck Weyerman - Drums
Moira Reilly - Harmony Vocals
Paddy O'Brien - Button Accordian
Doug Pennington - Concert Bass Drum
Debbt Greenblatt - Fiddle, Mandolin
David Seay - Harmonica, Sioux Flute
Barney Moss - Dobro
Mike Wallace - Harmony Vocals
Gary Morris - 2nd Violin on "Indian Summer"


Produced by: Clete Baker
Engineered by: Steve Ozaydin

Released: 1986 Vignette Productions

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