Track List

1. A Day in the Life of the Working Class - John Sparrow Band
2. Railroading on the Great Divide - Utah Phillips
3. Four Strong Winds - Tom May
4. Torn to Love You - Kate Sullivan
5. Just a Sign - David Rea
6. Little Birdie - Rosalie Sorrels
7. Standing In - John Sparrow Band
8. Walking Through Your Town in the Snow - Utah Phillips
9. Great Northern Home - John Sparrow Band
10. Rose of the Riverwalk - Tom May
11. Bittersweet - Howard Roe
12. Shorty's Ghost - David Rea
13. Blind Mary/The Weaver - Tom May
14. I Will Not Obey - Utah Phillips
15. To All My Friends in Far Flung Places - Rosalie Sorrels


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Album Artwork

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This benefit concert began 10 years ago as a birthday party celebration for one of our supporters. She asked folks to send money to her chosen charity instead of giving her birthday presents. The third year of the party, she named Sisters of the Road her non-profit of choice. It has been a Cafe event ever since. The party began and was held for many years at the Horse Brass Pub. In 1995 the concert was moved to the Aladdin Theater. This very special live recording celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of Winterfolk!

The Musicians who perform on this recording all donated their time and considerable talents to both the concert and to this CD. Proceeds from both the concert and the sale of this recording benefit Sisters of the Road Cafe.

Sisters of the Road Cafe

Sisters of the Road Cafe is a non-profit restaurant open to the public. We encourage all of our customers, staff and volunteers, and donors to get to know each other over a meal at Sisters. This simple act breaks the myth that says we are so different from one another and results in mutual opportunity and benefit.

Our Philosophy

At Sisters of the Road Cafe we practice non-violence and gentle professionalism. Violence is not tolerated and customers at the Cafe are continuously treated with dignity and respect.

Mission Statement

Sisters of the Road exists to alleviate hunger in an atmosphere of non-violence and gentle professionalism that nurtures the whole individual toward changes that will reach the root of his or her homelessness and poverty and end it forever.


Sisters of the Road Cafe is located in the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. This community is home to hundreds of low income and homeless residents, many of whom are veteran customers of Sisters. The Cafe opened on November 7, 1979, and the neighborhood christened out doorstep with the old hobo logo: a circle and three X's. The logo is a symbol meaning good food and hospitality can be found inside. Sisters' staff and volunteers create community with our customers. We build permanent, stable relationships, which help people to change their own lives. What we participate in are acts of best friendship like: Acceptance without judgement, truth-telling and understanding, appreciation and endearment, and consistent connections that lead to a shared history. We acknowledge what is essential for everyone. We all need compassionate allies, an environment that is culturally relevant, decision making that includes and values us, timelines that take into consideration the reality that most of our life changes don't occur quickly, and understanding and tender mercy when we make mistakes. Sisters is profoundly about hope!

Hot Meals

The Hot Meals Program furnishes several options for eliminating hunger. All meals in the Cafe are available for $1.25 in cash or food stamp credit. Meals can also be purchased in exchange for labor and are offered free of charge to those who are unable to pay and can't work due to age, health or parenting responsibilities> Job Training Program

Job raining opportunities at Sisters are a way for customers to re-establish a work routine and self respect after a period of financial instability, substance abuse, mental health problems or simply an extended period of unemployment. Sisters of the Road Cafe's Job Training Program can be a way back to higher self esteem, a meaningful job and a home of one's own.

Women/Children's Advocacy & Sipport Program

The Women/Children's Advocacy & Sipport Program provides single women and women with children who are homeless or have a low income with services including information, referral and advocacy, hygiene kits, diapers, formula, toys and some clothing. The program also hosts a self-help support group that meets weekly.

Meal Coupon Project

The Meal Coupon Project offers citizens in the community a way to respond to panhandlers in a positive manner and sipplement meal production costs at the Cafe. Meal Coupons can be purchased at the Cafe for $2.00 a piece in increments of one to hundreds. Individuals and local churches often purchase meal coupons in bulk as an effective method of community outreach. For more information, contact the Cafe at 503-222-5694.

Boxcar Bertha's

Boxcar Bertha's is a micro-enterprise coffeehouse scheduled to open in late 1998/early 1999. The coffeehouse will provide the next level of employment for Sisters' graduated job trainees, model our management style and philosophy in a profit-making venture, and provide another source of revenue for Sisters of the Road.

Sisters of the Road Cafe
133 NW Sixth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209
Phone: 503-222-5694
Fax: 503-222-3028
Email: Sisters133 (at)

Cafe Hours: Monday - 10am to 3 pm

Everyone Is Welcome

Winterfolk Thanks ...

And finally, a very special thank you to all the wonderful people who support Sisters of the Road Cafe. The list that follows are the names of people who helped make this CD a reality! Thank you so very much!

Bert Adams, Ms. Namevoid, Peter and Mary Anderson, Sherry Archer, Eric Bagai, Cass Baisden, Scott Beauvais, Margaret Bengry, Donna D. Bennett, Adrienne Birecree, Jack Bohl, June Boutwell, Bonnie Bray, Shannon K. Brown, Matt Burke and Jill Fuglister, Henry B. Burton, T. Chee, Martin R. Christensen, Sue Clark, Cate Connolly, Kim Cook, Trudy Cooper, Mary Ann Curry, Eleanor R. Davis, Matt Ramsey, and Alisha Dearmin, Heather DuBois, George and Sharon Findling, Elizabeth Frank, James P. Freda, Jr., Bob and Olga Fredrikson, Christine Fry, Jerry Gitter, Sandy Gooch, Kari Griggs, deborah Grout, Stan Hahn, Dick Hamlet, Pam Hepper, Cathy Hinkley, Linda Huddle, Big River Trucking, Astoria, Oregon, Erv Kauffman, PLOW, Pamela Kennedy, Heather J. Kennedy, T. A. Kiser, Brandon J. Lane, Al Larsen, Eric R. Larsen, Gene Lawhorn, Peter J. Leahy, Tom Leap, Kurt Liebezeit, Rinpoche the Wonder Dog, Barry Leune, Ben Loftis, Kay Logan, Peter Longenecker, Abby Maier, Susan Manske, Bill and Sue Margolis, Jerry McCubbin, Kathleen S, Mcgee, Denise McPherson, Kevin S, Minoli, Mike Morgan, Robert Morris, Mary Leigh Muller, Monica Lewinsky, Jack Nelson, Genny Nelson, Paul Nerge, Roger and Sue Newell, Tom Novberg, Sorca O'Connor, Elaine Olson, Dennis Owens, Herb Pollard, Louise Brandt-Revell, Wooden Music, Claire L. Rolfs, Jay Rosen, Terry L. Savage, Cathy Schmitz, Bert Seierstad, Manya and Howard Shapiro, Laurie Sonnenfeld, Wally Stein, Stein/Flessas Family, KBOO Community Radio, Matthew P Svymbersky, Wendy Tenko, Jeri Van Dyke, Moggy Vanderkin, Charles and Marian Walker, Richard Wasserman, Clarence Wible, Sara Wiede, Emery Wilson, Tablescraps, Harry J. Wohlstein, Jr., Pam Wood, Tracy Wood, Alexandra Zell, Beth Zuhl, Valerie Chapman, Uncle B., Carolyn and Leo.

Winterfolk X Presented by: Stewart-Stiles Truck Line, Inc.

Concert Sponsors:

Patrick and Susan Ahern, Made in Oregon Stores, Music Millennium, Twelth Fret Guitar Shop, The Aladdin Theater, Horse Brass Pub.


Tom May
Utah Phillips
David Rea
Rosalie Sorrels
John Sparrow
Stefan Akerman
Joe Benicitis
Avery Grimes
Kate Sullivan
Pam Kreig
Howard Roe


Produced and Arranged by: Sisters of the Road
Associate Producer: Tom May
Chief Engineer: Steve O'Gorman

All selections recorded live on February 7, 1998 at The Aladdin Theater, Portland, Oregon

Artwork: Diane Russell
Design and Layout: Joan Mullen Woods
3806 NE Webster Street, Portland, Oregon 97211
mullenwoods (at)

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