Track List

1. Big Dick Cheney Man - Chris Kennedy
2. Ordinary Town - Tracy Grammer (with Donny Wright)
3. Only Love - Misty River
4. Annabelle - Steve Einhorn and Kate Power
5. All Used Up - Utah Phillips
6. Hands Up - Tom May (with Fuzzy Purcell & Dylan May)
7. Joy - Andrew Calhoun (with Fuzzy Purcell)
8. Ole Dad - Steve Einhorn and Kate Power
9. The Cuckoo - Misty River
10. The Mountain - Tracy Grammer (with Donny Wright)
11. Tiger Tattoo - Andrew Calhoun
12. Jack London - Chris Kennedy (with Tom May & Dylan May)
13. Railroading Across the Great Divide - Utah Phillips
14. Gentle Arms of Eden - Tracy Grammer*

*also: Tom May, Donny Wright, Andrew Calhoun & Misty River


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Album Artwork

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It's hard to believe Winterfolk celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. Back in 1988 it began as a small gathering at the Horse Brass Pub for Mary Barclay's 40th Birthday, with the proceeds donated to a local homeless organization. Mary flew Tom May to Portland to perform. After the 3rd year, Sisters became the permanentdesignee for the event, annually honoring our commitment to non-violence while standing up for the freedom of homeless people. Winterfolk became a major fundraiser for us and in 1995 it moved to the Aladdin Theater and has been there ever since. This CD is a brief collection of songs from the wonderful, inspiring and talented musicians that have performed and are synonymous with Winterfolk. It is a testimony to the love, community and support that Sisters has received from them. On behalf of our customers, thanks to all of you in the community who faithfully attend Winterfolk every year and to all of you who purchased this CD! Thank you to all of the musicians and especially to Tom May and Utah Phillips for always giving it up for the Sisters of the Road Cafe.

Genny Nelson
Sisters of the Road Cafe

For 15 years, folk musicians from around the United States have donated their voices, energy, time and talent at Winterfolk to benefit Sisters of the Road Cafe in Portland, Oregon's Old Town. They have all done this as a labor of love. There is no recompense for a Winterfolk appearance, except for the surety that music DOES make a difference.

From its humble beginnings at the Horse Brass Pub in Portland to the present, I have always been gratified by the wonderful artists who have said "yes" to coming and performing at Winterfolk. They have taken planes, driven many miles, even taken the train across the continent to be a part of the event. These intrepid minstrels make the musical statement that we all must do what we can to end hunger, build community, and to provide a safe refuge where all are treated with dignity and respect. This, and more, is what Sisters of the Road Cafe does every day.

My heartfelt thanks to all of the musicians who performed at Winterfolk XV and to all of the artists who have appeared at the event over the years. Your music and heart remind me why I am proud to be a folk musician.

Tom May
Artistic Director, Winterfolk

Winterfolk Thanks ...

Debbie Fox and Monica Beemer, development staff, Sisters of the Road, Keith Bernhardt, Christine Fry, Lisa Lepine, Promotional goddess ... for all of your donation of time and work taking Winterfolk to another level.

Artichoke Music, Portland, OR for their annual guitar raffles at Winterfolk ... and their unflagging dedication to community.

Horse Brass Pub ... from the beginning, a supporter of Winterfolk and Sisters of the Road Cafe.

KBOO Community Radio, Willamette Week, The Oregonian, Stewart Stiles Truck Lines, Terry Currier and Music Millennium, Kim Cook and all of our great sponsors through the years, Joe Witrick for selling performers' CDs every year and all of our volunteers at Winterfolk!


Utah Phillips
Tracy Grammer
Kate Power and Steve Einhorn
Tom May
Andrew Calhoun
Chris Kennedy
Andrew Hart
Fuzzy Purcell
Donny Wright
Dylan May


Recorded by Clete Baker and Doug VanSloun at The Aladdin Theater, February 1, 2003
Edited by Tom May

Mixed and Mastered by Doug Van Sloun, Studio B, Omaha, NE

All recording and mastering services donated by Studio B, Omaha, NE
9136 Mormon Bridge Rd., Omaha, NE 68152

Cover Art and Poster Design: Leopold Ketel
Photographic Services donated by: Jeff Bizzell, Portland, OR
Graphic Design by: Ben Brown
CD Duplication by

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