Track List

1. Winterfolk - Tom May with Donny Wright
2. Brother's Song - Avery Hill
3. View From Home - Brian Bowers with Kate Powers & Steve Einhorn
4. A Grief Ago - Cole Carr
5. Wondering Fool - Margaret Branch
6. Original Medley - Paul Kwitek
7. Islander - Kate Powers & Steve Einhorn
8. Hobo's Lullaby - Richard Colombo with Scott Docherty
9. Here's to You Rounders - Dan Lange
10. Original Poem/Old Lovers - Brian Bowers
11. Please Don't Give Me Anything - Kathryn Claire with Alan Hunter
12. Little Sparrow - Avery Hill
13. Stand By You - Tom May with Donny Wright
14. Cycle Safety Swing/Kitchen Waltz - Kate Powers & Steve Einhorn
15. Friend For Life - Brian Bowers


10. Listen

13. Listen
14. Listen

Album Artwork

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Sisters of the Road; Supporting community driven solutions to the calamities of homelessness and poverty in an atmosphere of gentle personalism and non-violence since 1979.


Brian Bowers
Kate Power
Steve Einhorn
Tom May
Donny Wright
Richard Colombo
Scott Docherty
Avery Hill
Cole Carr
Margaret Branch
Paul Kwitek
Don Lange
Kathryn Claire
Alan Hunter


Winterfolk is an annual event in Portland, Oregon held to support Sisters of the Road Cafe, which provides low cost and no cost meals to the Old Town district and beyond. Everyone is welcome to this shining example of community and brotherhood in action. Stop in, have a meal and say hello!
Sisters of the Road

Winterfolk 27, recorded by Dan Rhiger, Medicine Whistle Studios (www.medincinewhistle. com) at the Aladdin Theatre, Portland Oregon, Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Tom May, CD project producer and artistic director of Winterfolk

Brenda Morgan and Abigail Singer, Sisters of the Road Cafe development team

Scott Docherty, graphics, design, photography, and production assistance (

Richard Columbo, production and event assistance

live sound by Rob Folsom, OMB productions

Special thanks to Bill Howe and Joy Botinelli, whose generosity made this CD possible. Thanks also to all of our great "Winterfolk" sponsors, musicians, and volunteers.

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