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1. Blue Northern
2. Early Morning Rain
3. Rose of the Riverwalk
4. Give Me Your Hand
5. Weaver and the Loom
6. Trial by Fire
7. Captain Bligh
8. Times Are Getting Hard
9. Open Spaces, Prairie Winds
10. Vignette
11. When His Lesson's Learned
12. The Boardwalk at Skagway
13. Rivers of Texas
14. Thanks

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This LIVE album is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Lyle and Mary May. Nebraska Sandhills depression survivors from tough backgrounds, they taught me to never give up

30 Years ago I began my career as a professional folk musician, after dropping out a college classical guitar program and moving to Toronto, Ontario to try my hand at performing full-time.. I was excited and amazed at the life that opened up to me when I made that decision ... and I have never looked back.

It sounds chiched, But I can't believe the years have gone by so quickly.

The time has been filled with stops in hundreds of towns, large and small. The venues have ranged from the symphony concert halls to shows where I barely outnumbered the audience. That is the nature of this music, and I've always felt I had a responsibility to do my best no matter the size (or relative enthusiasm) of the crowd that evening.

In Return, I have been rewarded with everything that is beautiful in my life - loves and lifelong friendships; unforgettable sights and places; and moments of true magic and connection through the music, which is what got me started off in the beginning.

The Encouragement and support to keep going came principally from my listeners and friends in the towns I have called home since 1971 ... Omaha, Nebraska, where I grew up and then called home again in mid-life; St. Louise, Missouri; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Boston, Massachusetts; Eatonville, Washington; and now Vancouver, Washington. The concert stops are too numerous to mention, but some places where I have made regular appearances through these many years are Butte, Montana; Rock Springs, Wyoming; Chicago, Illinois; El Dorado, Kansas; Portland, Oregon ... and so many others. In each of these towns it has been friends that kept me coming back.

I have said it many times, but if there is any wealth to be had in this crazy business, it is in the aforementioned friends. My advice to young musicians looking to make a life in performing is to keep the two priorites your music and your friends. They both will sustain you through the tough times.

These recordings are a mixed bag of appearances in front of wonderful audiences. The songs represent a cross section of old and new compositions; original and traditional songs as well as songs by friends, and a few pieces I haven't recorded on an album yet.

My related music projects, in addition to my own music, keep me busy. As 2001 begins, River City Folk continues on as a nationally syndicated radio program, with new life on the WFMT Fine Arts radio network out of Chicago, Illinois. 2001 marks the tenth year I have been producer/host of this unique national broadcast, which concentrates on introducing the great songs of other folk musicians to a national audience. Winterfolk, an annual charity benefit that I donate my time as Artistic Director to, is now in its 14th year. I recently completed duties as director of the 2nd Annual "Lark at the Mountain" Festival at Mt. Rainier. My old friend, Mark Moebeck, just completed his 20th anniversary of playing Irish music with me on St. Patrick's Day. In recent years, we have performed throughout the March Celtic Festival at Kell's Pub in Portland ... the largest Irish Festival on the west coast. Special thanks go tomy longtime musical companions, Avery Grimes of Denver on piano and Cliff Jones of Omaha on bass, veterans of dozens of gigs, who are featured on many of these songs. Dylan May is now playing bass with me when he has the opportunity. Also, special thanks go to my longtime album producer, Clete Baker, who also has donated time and talent to River City Folk and many other projects.


Tom May - 12 and 6-string Guitars, Lead Vocals

Omaha Symphony Orchestra ("Blue Northerm", "Weaver and the Loom", "When His Lesson's Learned")
Bill Staines (on "Early Morning Rain" - Live performance, 1995 KVNO radio, Omaha)
David Rea (on "Rose of the Riverwalk" from Winterfolk 1997)
Orville Johnson (on "Times Are Getting Hard" - River City Folk Live Performance, Kent, WA 1999)
Rick Ruskin (on "Rivers of Texas" - River City Folk Live Performance, Kent, WA 1999)


Production transferred, edited, and mastered by Doug Van Sloan at Studio B, Omaha, Nebraska
Design and Concept by: Nathan Brians, AmeriCAM Design, Seattle, Washington
Art Direction: Catherine Gallagher, AmeriCAM Design, Seattle, Washington
Original Album Concept: Rebecca Weaver

Released: 2001

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